Friday, October 26, 2012

Industri Design

This Master course in Product Design study programme gives students the possibility to work with different production systems, high hint to create unique concepts, fundamental to satisfy the market demand everyday more careful to environmental factors, and created according to the need of new languages and sign research.
After a first cultural grounding, students can choose among four design-areas:
1. packaging 
2. product
3. furniture 
4. self-production

The plan of studies offers a first part of cultural subjects which will be the base on which they will develop the following projects.

During the second part of the Master Course in Product Design, students have the chance to shape their own curricula choosing between a linear career dealing with one of the project fields (packaging, product, furniture, self production) and a cross-career where the four areas interact.
The curriculum provides also two workshops where students improve their abilities according to the programme chosen and contaminate their experience with details about Italian Design Culture.
Then, during the third and last part of the Master Course in Product Design, students develop a final thesis project with a partner company. This has aimed to create  autonomous professionals  on the cultural side and the projectual side  able to face different professional assignments.
Moreover the Master Course in Product Design offers conferences held by personalities from all main Design fields. In relation to the course contents and training objectives, internships may be organized with firms.
Big news for the Master in Product Design is the collaboration with Continuum, one of the most innovative and interesting international design studios. Continuum will be in charge of coordinating the Master Course.
The intervention of Continuum offers a fundamental contribution in preparing students towards a professional world which is continuously evolving from designing for people to designing with people.


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